Hello There

I am Greg Lawrence.
I am a Software Engineer
based in Nashville, TN.

More About Me

I'm passionate about blending creativity with technology. After many years in the Music Industry, I am now applying this passion to software development. I enjoy putting my impeccable attention to detail, tenacious work ethic, and diverse problem solving skills to work developing web software to solve business problems and create useful new tools. I love solving problems and helping others and I get excited when it involves learning new things.


I am a Software Engineer always crafting how I interact with electronics. I love finding ways to squeeze the full potential out of a computer, smartphone or home theater. I'm a big Android fan and every new Android phone or tablet I buy gets rooted and setup with a custom Rom to maximize my options. I've become the guy my coworkers and friends turn to for help with tech, whether I know how or not. I quickly learned how to leverage Google for solutions and every challenge turned into a fun rabbit hole of learning and new skills. While pondering the next steps in my career, software development was a clear choice as it mirrors my drive for continuous learning and it allows me to continue to craft electronic experiences. I decided to join the Nashville Software School to learn alongside a supportive community. I’ve been challenged every day and have loved the collaborative environment.

The music recording industry initially drew me to Nashville. Working my way up from studio intern to freelance audio engineer instilled a great work ethic, perseverance, and attention to detail. Working with countless production teams allowed me to hone my teamwork skills and adapt to different environments to meet challenging deadlines. Being in the industry while it began embracing computers and digital storage further ingrained my deep love of technology and lifelong learning. I find the amount of crossover between the recording industry and software development amazing, from breaking down projects into small blocks, team communication, problem solving and channeling creativity through electronics.

When I’m not coding I love to mountain bike, discover new craft beer, collect automatic watches and spend time with my family.

Technologies Used

My Work Experience.

Feb 2020 - present


Software Engineer
  • Full stack development role with duties ranging from designing and enhancing front-end/UI, back-end/api and databases, providing application support to in-house and external users, and working with management, users, and stake holders to design software solutions.
  • Created a new greenfield Angular/.Net Core app to view facility assessments of healthcare facilities. Developed a bulk import function which allows the mapping of fields from Excel to the app's assessment object with validation. Developed a pdf export of each assessment & multiple charts using ChartJS.
  • Mentored junior developers and acted as an Angular and RxJS resource for the development team.
  • Added many improvements to Mazzetti's custom planning software to save time & fee, reduce mistakes and improve our deliverables.
  • Enhanced a custom plugin for AutoDesk's Revit software to connect & sync Cloud based building models nightly with Mazzetti's custom medical equipment planning software.
  • Increased role in user and stake holder meetings and business requirement discovery sessions to help develop software requirements and discover areas of enhancement.
  • Technologies utilized on the job include: Angular 8 - 11, Typescript, JavaScript, RxJS, C#, .Net Framework, .Net Core 2 - 5, .Net MVC (Razor), HTML, CSS, SQL, JQuery, Kendo UI (jQuery and Angular), Bootstrap, Azure, Git and Webforms.

March 2018 - Feb 2020


Junior Software Engineer
  • Full stack development role with duties ranging from designing and enhancing front-end/UI, back-end/api and databases, to providing application support to in-house and external users, to working with stake holders to define software requirements.
  • Enhanced a Windows based plugin for AutoDesk's Revit building design software that allows building model data to sync with Mazzetti's custom medical equipment planning software. Written in C#, .Net Framework 4.5 and Webforms.
  • Teaching our development team about RxJS, Progressive Web applications and other technologies during our weekly learning times.
  • Mentoring other junior developers on our team and consistently sharing new discoveries with the team.
  • Full re-write and enhancement of an AngularJS application into an Angular 8/.Net Core application named M+WasteCare which helps building managers plan and calculate the emissions and pollutants of their different waste streams.
  • Enhanced a custom internal application used to plan and manage procurement of all of the medical equipment and IT equipment for new hospital construction. Application built with .Net Core 2.1 MVC, C#, SQL Server and Razor templates.
  • Enhanced a client facing portal that allows the owners and architects of a new hospital construction project to manage the progress of the medical equipment and IT equipment planning and procurement. Application build with Angular 7, .Net Core 2.1, SQL Server.
  • Enhanced an application that allows businesses to track their building energy usage by tracking electricity, natural gas, water and EUI named M+Energy. Application build with Angular 8, .Net Core 3, SQL Server.
  • Technologies utilized on the job include: Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, RxJS, jQuery, C#, .Net Framework, .Net Core, .Net MVC (Razor), HTML, CSS, SQL, JQuery, Kendo UI (jQuery and Angular), Azure, Git and Webforms.


Nashville Software School

Apprentice Full Stack Software Developer
  • Hands on application of OOP fundamentals and SOLID principles through group and individual projects reflecting real world business problems
  • Built single-page applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS and jQuery
  • Task Automation with Grunt: Linting with ESLint, module bundling with Browserify
  • Styled applications with CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Materialize, AngularJS-Material
  • Deployed applications through Firebase, GitHub Pages, Netlify
  • Practiced TDD with C# and .NET
  • Application design through white boarding dependencies and building ERD’s
  • Created and modified database design/content using SQL, ADO.NET, and Entity Framework with migrations.
  • Created RESTful APIs with C#/.NET using WebAPI

2003 - 2018

Greg Lawrence Engineering

Freelance Audio Engineer
  • Performed recording duties on albums that went on to be Grammy nominated and certified Gold and Platinum including full tracking and overdub sessions, editing, tuning, timing, mixing and mastering.
  • Worked with different production teams and clients on a weekly basis and developed an ability to adapt to help the team reach it's full potential.
  • Met demanding deadlines while keeping a level head and working to stay under budget.
  • Worked with legendary artists including: Alison Krauss, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Vince Gill, Joan Osborne, Toby Keith, Clint Black, and David Lee Roth
  • Technologies used: Avid Protools, Antares AutoTune, Waves, SoundToys, PitchnTime, VocAlign, Dropbox, Digital multitrack machines, Analog multitrack machines.

2009 - 2018

Greg Lawrence Consulting

Social Media Consultant
  • Taught local small business owners how to setup a presence on social media, leverage social media to connect with new and current customers and how to increase their reach and sales while building their brand through online reputation management.
  • Taught businesses how to use reporting tools to keep track of followers, engagement, and reach to hone their marketing campaigns.
  • Created and ran original content, online contests and managed advertising campaigns.

2009 - 2018

Rebel Hill Florist

Digital Photo Editor
  • Edited digital photos of floral arrangements and gift items using Photoshop for placement on an e-commerce website.
  • Consulted business on photography techniques, setups, and equipment.


See My Latest Projects.


The Bike Component Tracker

Web App to track mileage & age of components on your bicycle. Users can manually add mileage or link with via OAuth2 & use Strava's data as mileage source. Current mileage of all components are updated when user adds mileage to bike or logs a ride on Strava. How many miles are user's chain? They can quickly discover that info on the dashboard. User's will always know how many miles are on their chain or brakes, tires, etc which can help know when it's time to replace or how much to sell the part for.


AngularJS, AngularJS-Material, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, OAuth2, Grunt, ESLint, Firebase, Responsive Design